We are pleased to announce our supply partnership with ChromaDex® Corporation (OTCBB: CDXC) and the launch of a series of gourmet snacks and grocery items focused on delivering superior nutrition from organic and natural sources.

Click on the picture of the blueberries below to view these new foods.
Organic Supply Chain Management

When we started looking at global supply chains for organic food, we did not fully comprehend the obstacles we would encounter in our attempts to influence the retail consumer.

Multi-dimensional and global in scope, Organic Revolution Worldwide (ORW) came up against entrenched distribution networks, logistical nightmares usually related to packaging and shipment NOT product design and a bevy of corporate buyers at large food companies in the United States more interested in preserving existing relationships than offering the consumer vital new items with significant nutritional content.

In our bid to harness all the internal and external aspects of the global supply chains dedicated to organic food, we found that providing the "best", "tastiest" or "healthiest" version of a cookie, cereal, nutrition bar or grain did nothing for our quest to reach the consumer with an affordable organic product.

We tried the obvious sales route, we tried promotions, we tried giving organic food away and had little to show for our efforts. When we created Organic Revolution Worldwide, we did not know that Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution, which is focused on healthy eating but not organic products, would face similar entrenched interests in US school systems. 

We have therefore decided to prove that we can deliver healthy organic nutrition at a level unseen in much of America's food industry by transforming fruit crop residuals coupled with proprietary blends into retail consumer products.  We believe that we have access to the necessary partners, crops and technology to deliver best-of-breed affordable nutrition for every consumer.

Please join us on our organic journey as we reach out to the growers of organic fruit, the food processors who incorporate organic fruit into their products, professional chefs who understand that elusive blend of taste and nutrition and, of course, the consumer searching for the opportunity to experience new foods, new tastes and a better nutritional experience.
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